sharp knives: A Postgres

Work better with PostgreSQL. Understand and master the various tools you have at your disposal when working with a relational database. Level up your database skills.Outgrow ActiveRecord, Django.DB, and friends.

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Words from attendees:

I have been using ORMs for the last 10 years. I was never comfortable with raw SQL queries. Attending Swanand's workshop gave a me clear understanding of how databases work. How to think about joins and how to write raw queries without fear. I would highly recommend his workshop to anyone working with databases.- Pratyush Mittal, Founder & CEO,

Attended this last time. Quite insightful. This workshop is a gem if you're looking to solidify your foundations in Postgres and SQL.- Kiran Gangadharan, Partner, Consultant @

Swanand's workshop was a gloves off treatment of the power of PostgreSQL. We wrote very large queries, multiple migration scripts while making sure that we could revert back to the old version if needed. We also created different kinds of views and exposed ourselves to several features of the database which I was not aware of. I can, without reservation, say that it was very high value for money and it significantly improved my skills. Highly recommended.- Noufal Ibrahim, Founder @hamon_in & @thelycaeum

What's on the table?

- Grok SQL: Understand how queries are constructed, composed, how joins work, and never again get stuck writing complex queries.

- Datatypes: Built-ins and beyond, learn how to construct and use your own types, functions, and when and why to use them.

- Constraints: Validate your data, and preserve integrity using constraints. Learn about different kinds of constraints, and the how, when, and why of using them.

- Indexes: Write queries that perform better. Choose right indexes, learn how to reason about query performance, and also when not to use indexes.

- Schema Design: Tried and tested design patters, and when to use them. e.g. de-normalisation, using triggers, event sourcing.

- Data manipulation: Split a large table, join multiple tables, bulk import millions of flat rows into normalised tables etc

- Views: Regular and materialized views and their various usages in caching, reporting, query re-use, data segmentation, etc.

- Locks, transactions: ACID in action, working with transactional data, concurrent requests, row & table locks, implications.

- The dev environment: Give yourself a dev setup that gets out of your way and makes you productive. What tools to use? What to keep in your dot-files? etc.

- Go Meta: Peek under the hood. Answer questions like: What queries are currently running? How many tables are referenced by this table?

Past Editions:
- 4th and 5th October, 2019
- 29th and 30th June, 2019
- 2nd and 3rd March, 2019

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