sharp knives: A Postgres

Work better with PostgreSQL. Understand and master the various tools you have at your disposal when working with a database. Level up your database skills.

First workshop to be held in Bangalore on March 2nd and 3rd. Register here SOLD OUT!

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What's on the table?

Grok SQL: Understand how queries are constructed, composed, how joins work, and never again get stuck writing complex queries.

Datatypes: Built-ins and beyond, learn how to construct and use your own types, functions, and when and why to use them.

Constraints: Validate your data, and preserve integrity using constraints. Learn about different kinds of constraints, and the how, when, and why of using them.

Indexes: Write queries that perform better. Choose right indexes, learn how to reason about query performance, and also when not to use indexes.

Schema Design: Tried and tested design patters, and when to use them. e.g. de-normalisation, using triggers, event sourcing.

Data manipulation: Split a large table, join multiple tables, bulk import millions of flat rows into normalised tables etc

Views: Regular and materialized views and their various usages in caching, reporting, query re-use, segmentation of data etc.

Locks, transactions: ACID in action, working with transactional data, concurrent requests, row & table locks, implications.

The dev environment: Give yourself a dev setup that gets out of your way and makes you productive. What tools to use? What to keep in your dot-files? etc.

Go Meta: Peek under the hood. Answer questions like: What queries are currently running? How many tables are referenced by this table?

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